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Contacts Cosimo De Medici Srl

Cosimo De Medici srl
Calata Mazzini, 37
57037 Portoferraio (LI)

+39 0565 944024 ufficio Porto
+39 0565 914121 ufficio segreteria
+39 0565 945355 fax

Cosimo De Medici Srl
Marina di Portoferraio
Visita Portoferraio
Portoferraio Blozine

hours: 9.00-12.30/15.30-18.30


Administration, Finance and Control Office:

Sports Facilities Office:

Boat landing office:

Cultural Sites Office - Exhibition rooms:

Management and CdA secretariat


blozine Cosimo De Medici Portoferraio

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